Get stuff

Get anything delivered from anywhere.

Gofellow allows you to get stuff at the location, date, time and price that suits you. Whether you’re looking to get stuff from a website, classifieds or even your girlfriend, safely post your missions on Gofellow. Other Fellows will get it to you for the amount you are willing to pay for.

Carry stuff

Make money using your spare space.

Gofellow is a new way to make money while you’re on the road. Get alerts or browse stuff you can pick up during your trip. Select missions that suits your schedule, budget and spare space. Pick it up, bring it back and earn money. It’s carpooling for stuff!

It’s Cost-effective



Control all delivery preferences, from price to date, to fit your needs. Post your mission and pay only when a Fellow selects it. Or make money and lower your travelling expenses by putting unused spare space to good use.



There is no qualification process, everyone is a Fellow. Use Gofellow on any device, post missions for other Fellows to pick up or deliver stuff from any place. No bidding, no back and forth. If the mission suits you, select it, deliver it and get paid!



With everyone travelling around, there is so much spare space available. Embracing collaboration is a great opportunity to make better use of it. Everyone gains from having a new alternative to conventional shipping services.



Personal information is only made available to the Fellows you are dealing with. Transactions are completed through a payment process protecting both Fellows. Trust and reputation are monitored and controlled by our satisfaction services.

Connecting people to get stuff delivered.
It’s Social Delivery.

Time has come to harness the power of the crowd to challenge the conventional shipping services:

  • crowd-driven service
  • simplicity and ease of use
  • secure and trustful process
  • preferences powered by people

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Have you ever been online in a checkout process and quit, because you didn’t like the delivery options? It happened to us and that’s why we’ve started Gofellow.

We believe the social web has proven that it’s ready to establish trust-based relationships and collaborate to challenge the conventional delivery services.


We love the web and how it challenges the conventional way of doing things. We are based in Quebec City, Canada. We are Gofellow!

  • Francis Bédard Francis Bédard
  • Joé Lemelin Joé Lemelin
  • Jean-Philippe Sirois Jean-Philippe Sirois


Feel free to drop comments, suggestions or questions to our mailbox.